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Welcome to Golf Equipment Deals – We are the premium supplier of all golfing equipment in Australia.

We provide customers with all kinds of golfing equipment that they may need. Our service focuses on giving golf players and enthusiasts all the tools and equipment that they need to play at their best and enjoy the game while doing so. That is why we supply equipment from top sports brands all over the world.

Our stock includes products from brands such as PGF, Nickent, Taylor Made, Cobra, Cleveland, Callaway, Bullet, Brosnan, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, Footjoy, Ecco, Champ, and other top golfing and sports brands. We supply everything from golf balls and clubs to bags and footwear.

At Golf Equipment Deals, we know how important having the right equipment can be to playing well. This is because we are not just suppliers of golf equipment, we are also enthusiasts and players, and this shows in the kind of golfing equipment we supply our customers. Every product in our stock is carefully vetted and certified as being of quality before we carry it. It is why we only carry products from renowned and established brands who have created a reputation of quality for themselves and will do everything to maintain that reputation.

Our staff are golf enthusiasts who are always excited to help out any customer and offer recommendations that will guide their buying decisions. Whether you are a golf pro or a beginner, our staff ensures that you feel welcome anytime you walk into our store and answer all the questions you may have. As a newbie, you will not feel lost when you shop with us because there is always someone available to attend to you and advice you on what to buy. Thus, you will leave our store not only with satisfaction but also with more information about golf.

We offer a comprehensive service that helps you make the most of your golfing experience.

Equipment Finance

Do you want to purchase golf equipment but you don’t have the money to pay immediately? You can still get the equipment and pay later. We provide equipment finance services that let you buy any equipment you may have in mind. The terms of our equipment finance are very favourable, and financial products are available for both commercial and personal purchases.

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Golfing has evolved drastically in recent years due to technological advancements. There are now several electronic devices that will help you improve your game. You can use these devices for different functions during your game. At Golf Equipment Deals, you will find all these devices in our stock. We have swing analysers, rangefinders, watches, GPS devices, and lots more for golfers.

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Why is the Right Golfing Equipment Important?

Golf is an equipment game and cannot be played without all the necessary equipment. At Golf Equipment Deals, you will find everything you need to play golf right in one place. We have balls, clubs, ball markers, tees, golf bags, buggies, gloves, footwear, apparel, and accessories. By supplying you with only the best equipment, we ensure that you will enjoy your game.

Having the right golfing equipment is very important, and anyone who enjoys golfing knows that excellent golfing equipment is worth any amount that is spent on it. For beginners, it is also essential to know the value of quality, and we ensure that we educate our buyers on why they should only buy quality.

The ways in which quality golfing equipment improve your game are numerous. With the right golf club, you will notice more drive in your shot as the ball will travel farther and hit the target more often. Most times, the best golf clubs are much lighter and have better trajectory control with a higher launch.

You swing can also be determined by the quality of the equipment you are using. Gloves, clubs, and shoes can affect your swing as much as weight, height, age, and other factors that are outside your control. You can compensate for the factors that you cannot control by using better equipment which is available at Golf Equipment Deals.

Another area where quality golfing equipment plays a significant role is in terms of comfort and safety. The right gloves will protect your hand from any blister that could result from long hours of playing, and it also gives you sufficient grip on the club. Thus, you will not have to tighten your hold on the club unnecessarily or worry about the club slipping off your hand when you swing. A great glove will make you feel very comfortable holding the club and playing. The right golf shoes are also comfortable as they provide you with the needed padding to walk from one hole to another, and they have a solid and stable grip on the grass.