Are discount golf tees durable?

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Are discount golf tees durable?

Introduction: The Debate on Durability of Discount Golf Tees

Golf tees are a crucial part of any golfer's game, and the question of durability is an important one to consider. Discount golf tees have become increasingly popular among golfers for their affordability, but many wonder if they can hold up to repeated use. This blog post will explore the factors affecting the durability of discount golf tees, the testing and reviews of such tees, and the pros and cons of using them on the course.

Factors Affecting the Durability of Discount Golf Tees


The material used to make discount golf tees significantly affects their durability. Wooden and bamboo tees are less durable than plastic or rubber ones. They tend to be more prone to breaking when subjected to impact. It's important to note that wooden and bamboo tees are more eco-friendly than plastic ones, but this comes at the cost of durability.

Length and Thickness

The length and thickness of a golf tee can also impact its durability. Shorter and thinner tees tend to break more easily because they do not provide enough support to hold the ball. Longer and thicker tees are more resistant to breaking and, therefore, more durable.


The design of discount golf tees can affect their durability too. Some tees have an added thickness around the head or bottom to improve their resilience to impact. However, extra features may increase the cost of the tee, making it less affordable. The design of the tee can also depend on the brand, and some brands have a reputation for producing more durable tees than others.

Testing and Reviews of Discount Golf Tees

Many golfers have tested the durability of discount golf tees and provided reviews online. These reviews offer valuable insights into the performance of various discount tee brands.

Mixed Results in Independent Testing

Testing conducted by independent entities has produced mixed results when it comes to the durability of discount golf tees. In some tests, discount tees broke more easily than expensive ones, suggesting that price is correlated with durability. However, there were other tests where no significant difference in durability was seen between discount and expensive tees.

The Importance of Brand and Design

Aside from the material and other factors, the design and brand of the tee can also impact its durability. Some popular brands of discount golf tees have developed a reputation for producing more durable options, while other brands' tees are more likely to break. In terms of design, some tees come with thicker heads or reinforced bottoms to withstand impact, and this can significantly affect its durability.

Online Reviews

Reviews from other golfers who have used discount golf tees can provide valuable insights into the brands and designs that are most durable. Though individual experiences can vary, it's still helpful to seek out reviews before making a purchase to determine which tees are likely to break and which are more durable.

Pros and Cons of Using Discount Golf Tees

The main advantage of using discount golf tees is their affordability. Golfers can purchase a large pack of tees for a lower price than they would pay for a smaller pack of more expensive options. Additionally, if a golfer loses or breaks a tee during a round, they can easily replace it without feeling the financial impact.

However, the lower price can come at a cost to durability. Some golfers may find themselves going through more tees during a round if they are prone to breaking. Furthermore, if a tee breaks during a swing, it can affect the golfer's shot and potentially ruin their game.

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Conclusion: Making the Best Choice for Your Golf Game

In conclusion, discount golf tees can be a durable option for golfers on a budget. Choosing a tee made of quality materials and with a reinforced design can increase its durability. However, it's important to remember that lower-priced tees may come with a trade-off in durability. Ultimately, golfers should consider their individual needs and preferences when making the best choice for their game.