Golf Tournament in Australia

According to the first AusPlay survey conducted by the Australian Sports commission in 2016, golf is the most popular club sport played by the country’s adults. Golf is also rated as the second most popular sport played among children. As of 2016, when the survey was published, over 685,000 Australians played the game of golf in a club. With this high level of popularity of golf in Australia, there are several numbers of major golf events in Australia. There are both male and female golf tournament taking place in Australia.

Here, we will be looking into the world of golf and its host of famous tournaments.

Golf Events in Australia

Although golf has been in existence in Australia as far back as 1839, it was not until the early 90s when Duncan McMillian lobbied for the creation of a public course that the game truly reached today’s level of fame and popularity in Australia. Before then, golf was seen as gentlemen’s game reserved for the elite class because they were the only people who could afford to play in the expensive golf courses. With the movement of Duncan McMillian, golf was open to all, and it led to the creation of some major events in Australia till date.

Here are some of the prominent golf tournaments in Australia

Australian Open

This golf event kicked off in 1904, and it is the oldest and most prominent golf tournament in Australia. Australian Open is owned and managed by the golf event company – Golf Australia. The tournament is open to everyone, which is why the Australian Open attracts professional golfers from far and wide with the dream of winning the most coveted golf prize in the world, the Stonehaven Cup.

The winner of the Australian Open is not only presented with the Stonehaven Cup. The winner also has the rare privilege to get his name etched in history as his name will be carved on the Stonehaven Cup alongside other legends of the game. The winner of the Australian Open gets to keep a replica of the Stonehaven Cup while the original trophy is returned to the Australian Golf Museum in Victoria.

Some legend of the game which has written their names in the folklore of the Australian Open are Jack Nicklaus, Norman Greg, Arnold Palmer, Gene Sarazen to mention a few. Recently, Rory Mcllroy, Adam Scott and Jordan Spieth have had their names on the Australian golf most celebrated trophy.

The winner of the Australian Open is also presented with the whooping cash price.

Australian PGA Championship

The Australian PGA Championship was inaugurated a year after the Australian Open in 1905. The Australian PGA Championship is the home tournament of one of the tours organised by PGA of Australia. The winner of this golf tour is awarded the Joe Kirkwood Cup.

At its inception, the tournament was a match-play until it changed into the 72-hole stroke-play style in 1964. It was when the stroke style was adopted that the sponsorship snowballed and for the first time, the game received a live television broadcast.

Unlike the Australian Open, most of the players that participate in this golf tournament are Australians. The Australian PGA Championship is unique for being played in eight different courses that the club has the ROYAL affixation before its name. They are Royal Melbourne, Royal Hobart, Royal Adelaide, Royal Canberra Royal Sydney, and Royal Queensland.

Australian Masters

The first Australian Masters was hosted in 1979 at Huntingdale which remained the venue until 2008. What makes the Australian Masters unique is the yearly presentation of the Gold Jacket to the winner of the annual event.

In the early days of this tournament, Norman Greg was a force to be reckoned with because of his dominance. He won the gold jacket six times. Many prolific golfers have also plied their trade at the Australian Masters’ Tournament, and they have also etched their name in the history of this event. Some of the notable players are Michael Campbell, Robert Allenby, Graham Marsh, Stuart Appleby to mention a few. The maiden edition away from Huntingdale was won by Tiger Woods.

Like the Australian Open, it has also attracted foreign star golfers to the shores of Australia. Also, this been the start of many significant things for most Australian debutants.

However, in 2015, this prestigious golf event came to an unprecedented end without any hope been hosted again.

Women’s Australian Open

This is one of the major tournaments in Australia. This event kicked start in 1974 to create motivation for female golfers. This event is organised by the Australian Ladies Professional Golf Tour and Golf Australia.

At the early stage of this event, it was a 54-hole and a stroke event. The tournament came to a standstill for 15 years in the 80s before returning with 72-holes.

Also, there is a major for people with disabilities tagged Australian All Abilities Championship.