Golfing Techniques

Golf is one of the most difficult games to play, and anyone who has ever tried to hit a hole over 200 metres away will understand how challenging this can be. It is why golfers are constantly looking to improve their game and learn new techniques because that is the only way to get better.

What is Golfing Technique

Golfing Techniques refer to the particular manner in which the golfer swings the club and hit the ball to achieve an accurate shot. While golf might look like a game that you only play with your hand, it is a full-body game that can be affected by virtually anything. Golf techniques usually focus on how to achieve the proper golf swing, and doing this begins long before your club touches the ball.  A lot of things work together to help you achieve a perfect shot.

Techniques for Hitting Straight and Accurate Shots

A straight shot is one of the most common shots in golf but one of the most difficult to achieve. In fact, many professional golfers and coaches usually advice against it because it will most likely lead to frustration for you. However, the difficulty of hitting a straight shot helps you improve the accuracy of your shots.

Once your shots are more accurate, you will get to hit straight as well. If you are looking to improve the straightness and accuracy of your shots, here are the tips to improve your game.


Your posture matters a lot when you are playing golf, especially when you want a good shot. A good posture makes you feel balanced, and you adopt a square alignment with your body slightly open which makes it easy to swing the club straight. The pose should combine with the tempo for you to achieve the shot you have in mind. With the proper arm extension and good balance, you can slowly push the ball with your swing. Matching a good posture with the right tempo helps you to build speed in your swing and hit the ball with your full power matched with accuracy.

Feet Together

You can work on your tempo by practising hitting the balls with a short iron club while your insteps are touching each other. By practising this drill, you will learn how to swing fast while maintaining your balance.

Finish Your Swing Over the Other Shoulder

If you are hitting a straight shot, you are going for all the power and accuracy you can get. One way to improve the impact of the swing is to extend the golf club towards the target and finish the swing with the golf club over the closest shoulder to the target line.

To achieve this, you should avoid swinging to the inside quickly after hitting the ball. Mastering this technique will likely take time, but soon you will get it.

Club Face Matters

This is not a technique per se, but it is quite essential when you want to hit a straight shot. You can determine the importance of the clubface by hitting practice shots with the clubface closed or open and notice the difference in the ball flight between the two. The important thing is finding the face that works for you, and this is not necessarily a square face.


Your grip is also crucial to any shot you are trying to make. Let a golf pro suggest the best grip to you. Many beginners, juniors, or those with small hands usually use the side-to-side baseball grip, and it can work wonders. But professionals usually use the overlap grip, and if you can learn this too, it will be great for you. For the side-to-side grip, hold the club between the joints of your index finger and the thumb should move towards the back while your hand heel rests on top. On the other hand, the overlap grip rest the little finger of your right hand between the second and index finger of your left.


The aim is another crucial technique you should watch when playing golf. You should ensure that your body and the clubface centre on the pin as you address the ball. Your shoulders, hips, and feet should also be square to the pin. While you can lay down a club to use as alignment during practice, you can also visualize the shot as you move away from the tee and then pick a spot that is about two feet in front of the ball that aligns with the target and aim at that spot.

Use Your Full Weight

When you start your downswing, move your full weight to the left side by moving your left knee forward and towards the target.  You should stretch your arms at the point of impact and straighten your wrists. Your left arm and the club shaft should align to form a straight line at the point of impact.