GPS Units

One of the ways technology has improved the game is through GPS devices that help you play better by measuring distances for you. A GPS device serves as your virtual caddie and can give you a significant advantage over other players as it allows you to track different data such as swing speed, distance to the green, etc. It provides you with all the insights you need to improve your game.

Getting a GPS device is one of the simplest ways to improve your game with little effort. Sometimes, the reason you keep missing that hole is that you can’t correctly determine how powerful a swing you need to reach it. With this device, you will have that information and will be able to avoid any mistake that could ruin the game.

There are so many GPS devices in the market, and we carry many of them in our store. We have products from brands such as Golf Buddy, Bushnell, Sureshot, Garmin, SkyCaddie, etc. These GPS devices come in different forms. There are lightweight devices with only a few functions as well as bigger devices with wider touch screens.

We also have GPS watches with very slim bands that are very easy to wear while you play the game. By wearing this lightweight watches, you can keep track of your game and play with better insight and understanding of the game. The GPS watches in our stock include the affordable ones and those that cost more but have more features.

Hole 19 + Apple Watch

If you have an apple watch, you can convert it into a GPS device for your golfing games by using Hole 19. This is a free app on your phone that has most of the features you will find in golf-dedicated GPS watches, and you can use it to track your game through the watch.

Bushnell Excel GPS

This watch is very efficient and provides you with information such as shot measurements, swing speed, distance to the hole, and hazards along your path. It can last for up to three full rounds once fully charged.

Garmin Approach S20

This watch will track your shot and provide you with all the information about the golf course that will improve your game.

Golf Buddy WTX

The watch has a very powerful GPS technology and will provide you with hazard and distance tracking as well as flyover views of the holes.