Launch Monitors

If you are looking to take advantage of technology to improve your game, one of the best ways to do it is with a launch monitor. A launch monitor supplies you with significant data that will help you determine your launch angle, ball flight, and other details you need to improve your game.

It is an electronic device which measures what happens to your ball on impact. With it, you can learn everything you need to know about your shot. It is definitely a great way to track your shots and improve your game during practice. At Golf Equipment Deals, we carry several launch monitors from brands such as FlightScope, Rapsodo, and SkyTrak that you can use to improve your game.

Launch monitors are usually used at golfing tournaments and by professional golfers. However, these professional launch monitors are costly, with many costing above $10,000. In recent years, cheaper versions have been manufactured, and amateur golfers can now get one that will provide them with relevant data about their game.

What does a Launch Monitor Do?

A launch monitor basically watches your game so it can deliver data on different aspects which include

Distance of Each Swing

Golf is a game of swings, and you must know how to control the distance of your shots. It is difficult to control your shots when you don’t even know how far you hit. With the launch monitor, you will learn how far you hit and be able to regulate it.

Speed of Swing

A significant problem for most amateur golfers is that they don’t hit far enough. One of the ways to change this is by swinging faster. The launch monitor measures the speed of each swing, and you can use that to determine your average speed and figure out how you can improve it.

Spin Rate

The spin of the shot determines the accuracy of each shot. You can measure this with the launch monitor and determine if your club has a good spin or not so you can fix the issue.

At Golf Equipment Deals, we provide launch monitors from top brands, and everything is available at competitive prices. Launch monitors in our stock include

Flightscope Mevo

This is an all-inclusive launch monitor. You can pair it with your app on your smartphone, and it captures video and data which is transferred to your phone. With this device, you can save the data so you can compare it with other practise sessions and track your progress.

Garmin Approach G80

This device combines launch monitor with golf radar and will trackball speed, clubhead speed, swing tempo, estimated distance, and smash factor. Its GPS has a full hole view and is accurate for more than 41,000 golf courses all over the world.

VoiceCaddie SC200

This launch monitor allows you to track ball speed, swing speed, smash factor, and loft angle. It has a voice feature that announces your yardages and has three modes – random, target, and practice.

VoiceCaddie SC300

This is a better version of the SC200 and measures ball speed, carry plus total distance, swing speed, spin data (on the app), shot apex, launch angle, and smash factor.


It is an expensive launch monitor that is worth the money spent. The device combines a launch monitor with golf simulator and connects to a device to provide all your swing data immediately. You will get data such as shot dispersion, spin rate, launch angle, ball speed, and carry plus total distance. It is very portable with a battery lasting for 5 hours of use.