Range Finders

This is another example of technology application in golfing. A range finder lets you measure the distance of the course, the layup positions, hazards, the distance of golfer in front, etc. using a range finder will significantly improve your game as you soon realise that the human eyes even at its sharpest is still weak.

With a range finder, you will have an accurate distance of your target and can hit the ball with the right accuracy and use the right club for each shot. While the idea of using the wrong club might seem impossible, it is a common mistake for many golfers who misjudge the distance ahead of them and pick the wrong club based on such judgement. While some range finders will only identify the distance ahead, superior ones will lock in on the pin and tell how the exact distance as well as tell you the club you should use for the shot.

Types of Range finders

Common range finders in the market today are of two types – GPS and Laser range finders. They are both effective, and the choice for many golfers is usually a matter of personal preference.

Laser Range finders

This range finder functions by transmitting a light beam to the target and transmitting the distance of the target back based on how much time it took for the light beam to return. These range finders are effective but may or may not consider the slope in their measurement. While they do not require any technical skills to use, they have downsides.

GPS Range finders

This could be in the form of a handheld device or watch and usually contain many features such as the distance of the green in many dimensions and the distance of hazards on the round. They could also double as fitness watches and track your performance.

Many of them even have apps, and they contain more features than laser range finders which means operating them might be a little more technical than laser range finders. GPS range finders come at different prices, and there are cheap ones as well as very expensive watches.

Laser range finders are for golfers who are only concerned about the distance of each shot or don’t have the tech-savviness that a GPS range finder may demand. There are also players who combine both range finders for more accuracy. Available range finders include:

Boblov Golf Range Finder

This is a laser range finder with an accuracy of up to 650 yards. It has a pin lock vibration and is an efficient performer on the golf course. The range finder is also incredibly affordable for the value it offers.

Callaway 300 Pro

This laser range finder is fantastic in many respects. It offers pin lock, 6x magnification, slope functionality, and can shoot as far as 1000 yards while letting the player track many targets at the same time.

Garmin s60

It is a GPS range finder equipped with several features that makes it a high performer. You can select the pin position on the course to ensure maximum accuracy.